CR7 eyewear: An exclusive line designed with Italian Independent


CR7 eyewear: An exclusive line designed with Italian Independent
October 7, 2021

CR7 eyewear: An exclusive line designed with Italian Independent

Why CR7? The story of a nickname

As almost everyone knows, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players in the world. He began to play football when he was only 7 years old and his professional career started when he played for Sporting CP for the first time when he was 18 years old. Since then the Portuguese football player has become famous all over the world playing in Juventus team, Manchester, Real Madrid and Portugal. Ronaldo has won five Ballon D’Or awards, four Golden Shoes and he was the first player in history to win ten UEFA trophies. Furthermore Ronaldo holds the record for most goals, 136, in the Champions League. But which is the story behind his nickname? The nickname CR7 is a combination of Ronaldo’s initials, “C” and “R”, and his lucky number: seven. Ronaldo started to wear the number 7 shirt when he arrived at Manchester United and this number has followed him during his career. It comes with no surprise that Ronaldo named his brand after this nickname. Ronaldo has launched a fragrance called “CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo”, CR7 underwear and, of course, CR7 eyewear.

CR7 eyewear: “Playfectionism” is a way of life

The Portuguese football player, who, as we said, has already a line of perfume and underwear, in 2020 decided to team up with Lapo Elkann’s Italia Independent for a brand-new collection of eyewear. It was a small collection that consists of seven models (CR7, right?), and all of them were sunglasses. This year Cristiano Ronaldo launched the second line of eyewear in collaboration with the Italian company and, big news, this time it includes also optical glasses. Every piece of the collection is available in five different colors to create a versatile and playful selection that you can find in our boutiques or, if you want to buy sunglasses online, in our website. The collection is diversified and it includes models with different shapes, from aviator to wayfarer. Cristiano Ronaldo presented this sophisticated line designed by himself that it is characterized by the fact that every model has Ronaldo-inspired details, such as the number seven in the frame and the athlete’s signature on the lens.

Our selection to buy sunglasses online

The new CR7 eyewear collection is mainly made of acetate with metal details and a very sophisticated style. The line presents different kind of lenses that includes gradient and polarized. Let’s have a look at some of the main models of the collection that, if you are willing to buy sunglasses online, you can easily find in our website. • CR7 Golden Shoe: aviator shape with gradient lenses, characterized by a very light structure that makes this model extremely comfortable and easy to wear. • CR7 MVP: a very classic model with innovative details designed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. The number seven on the temples makes this model original and unique. • CR7 Ballon D’Or: navigator acetate model with Ronaldo’s signature on the sun lenses. Simply iconic! If you want to find out more about CR7 or if you want to buy sunglasses online visit our website or follow us on social media to be updated about news and special offers.