Nobika. When Italian creativity meets Japanese Acetate


Nobika. When Italian creativity meets Japanese Acetate
August 1, 2022

Nobika. When Italian creativity meets Japanese Acetate

What is Nobìka?

Nobìka is an independent Italian brand that was founded in 2014 by Andrea Postizzi with the aim to combine local creativity with Japanese craftsmanship. Postizzi moved to Japan, where, in Fukui, he met and explored craft businesses, studied the working systems of the past and Japanese manual skills. After his first trip to Japan, Andrea decided to leave his previous job and devote himself entirely to Nobika. His choice was to create a brand that put together Italian design and research and Japanese Master Craftsmen in order to create something truly inimitable and unique.

The origin of the name

“Nobìka” is a name that evokes elegance, style and exclusivity. It comes from the Latin word "nobilis", meaning distinguished, famous, superior. The final part “ika” was selected to evoke Japanese culture. In addition, the little red triangle, the brand's symbol, represents the accent on the "i" of the name. This element becomes a coloured aluminum plate inserted into the end of the left temple, that truly expresses the attention that the brand has for every small detail. The name Nobika expresses the style of its eyewear: it refers to something excellent and out of the ordinary.

The collections

Nobìka eyewear collections include both sunglasses and optical frames. Sunglasses have exceptional designs built with high quality materials to guarantee a perfect protection for your eyes. The lenses used in Nobìka sunglasses are made from organic material and they guarantee excellent and clear vision, optimum protection from sunlight and more effective resistance to scratches. The materials used are mainly Japanese acetate and titanium. Acetate is a vegetable-based plastic material obtained from cellulose and particularly suitable for use in eyewear manufacture because it is light, resistant, flexible and hypoallergenic. Japanese acetate is characterized by long-term stability, due to the limited use of chemical products in the creation of the colors. The richness of the colors is the result of over 100 hours of tumbling using specific materials such as fragments of bamboo, wood, ceramic, plastic, and corn. Titanium is a very resistant and lightweight material and, in order to make it more flexible, it is combined with other materials to create a beta-titanium alloy, primarily used in the manufacture of temples for eyeglasses. Handcrafted Japanese titanium and handcrafted Japanese acetate are combined together in the latest eyewear collection designed by Nobìka. The capsule is called Carpe Diem and it is inspired by a skull tattoo from the old school that is an emblem of death and the end of a life lived fully, represented by the flowery rose at the top of its freshness.

Italian Creativity, Japanese Excellence

The creative and design phases of the eyewear are carried out in Italy, while production takes place in Japan. The most important elements that characterized Nobìka eyewear are the quality of materials, professional workmanship and also a surprising representation of its spirit and personality.

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