CR7: Discover the new pop up store in Dubai


CR7: Discover the new pop up store in Dubai
April 25, 2022

CR7: Discover the new pop up store in Dubai

Cristiano Ronaldo: a great champion with a strong personality

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players in the world and he is also a fashion entrepreneur and a motivator.

The Portuguese football player has become famous all over the world playing for Juventus, Manchester, Real Madrid and Portugal.
Ronaldo has won five Ballon D’Or Awards, four Golden Shoes and he was the first player in history to win ten UEFA trophies.

Furthermore, Ronaldo holds the record for most goals, 136, in the Champions League.
His huge popularity is not only the result of his talent and his successful career as football player but also of his touching story: Cristiano Ronaldo grew up in a poor family in Portugal and he managed to become a legend, showing to everyone that with hard-work and sacrifice everything becomes possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude is an example of strength, passion and determination that makes him an inspiration for the future generations of football players and young entrepreneurs.

Seven: a lucky number

The nickname CR7 is a combination of Ronaldo’s initials, “C” and “R”, and his lucky number: seven.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo started his career, the number 7 has been having a special meaning for him: Ronaldo started to wear the number 7 shirt when he arrived at Manchester United and this number has followed him throughout the years.
When Ronaldo arrived at Manchester united, he was convinced to wear number 7 to follow the footsteps of legends who wear number 7 shirts at Manchester united such as David Beckham, George Best and Eric Cantonona.
Since then, Cristiano Ronaldo has worn the number 7 at every club he has been to and currently he is playing with Juventus fc.
It comes with no surprise that Ronaldo named his brand after this nickname: CR7 is the brand founded by Cristiano Ronaldo himself and it also includes eyewear collections.

Optifashion CR7 pop up shop

Last winter 2021 we opened a CR7 pop up shop in La Mer beach, in Dubai, a very entertaining location in which is located one of our fashion boutiques.

Many people came everyday to visit the pop up shop and discover the eyewear collection designed by Cristiano Ronaldo.
We didn’t want to build just a pop up shop but a place where to live an experience.

The new opening

We opened a new CR7 pop up shop in April. This time the location is Dubai Hills Mall, next to the new Optifashion store.

This mall is a new and promising mall that offers a “one-stop destination” with 750 stores.
Passion and dedication are the key elements of this project that truly express the personality of Cristiano Ronaldo and celebrate his football career.

CR7 eyewear

The design of the collection is very recognizable and versatile; it presents different colors, shapes and materials such as acetate, metal and TR90, a thermoplastic material.

The models are full of details that include the CR7 logo and Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature.

The designs are mainly sunglasses, for men, women and children but there are also optical frames and unisex models.
We’ll wait for you there to discover the CR7 collection and to experience our pop up shop entirely dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo!