Palm Angels: the streetwear style inspired from by the skate community


Palm Angels: the streetwear style inspired from by the skate community
October 5, 2022

Palm Angels: the streetwear style inspired from by the skate community

Introduction to the brand

It is 2014 and Francesco Ragazzi, Milanese former Moncler artistic director, realized a photography collection that captured the Los Angeles skaters vibes and the book, with an introduction written by the well-know American musician Pharrel Williams, became an editorial success.One year later, Palm Angel was born: a ready to wear brand completely inspired by the American west coast skateboard scene but with an Italian point of view; In an interview Ragazzi said that he decided to call his brand like this because in Los Angeles people were skating under the pals and they look like angels. The first runway was in 2015 and it combines the seventies skate culture with preppy chic style, that was something that hadn’t really been done before.Elements that were usually only found in the high fashion world, for the first time met hoodies, backpacks leather jackets and sporty t-shirts. Photographs by Ragazzi were printed on t-shirts. Also palms, flames and marijuana leafs are often printed on the clothes and represent the streetwear style all around the world. Since then the aim of the brand has been to celebrate American culture from a different perspective.

Palm Angels eyewear

In May 2021 Palm Angels eyewear was born from the idea of Francesco Ragazzi to celebrate the skateboard community also through a line of sunglasses. Palm Angels wants to express the vibes of California streetstyle and sunglasses are an important part of its DNA. The collections are totally made in Italy and the models are strongly connected with the ready to wear line. Palm Angels sunglasses are characterized by geometrical shapes and the material used is mainly acetate with the iconic gothic Palm Angels logo on the temple. Most of the models are unisex and they express a sophisticated and strong personality that gives immediately to the one who wears them a streetstyle vibe combined with a fashionable point of view. Palm Angels sunglasses are designed and produced totally by Palm Angels itself and they are sold in the best eyewear boutiques all around the world.

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We already said that Palm Angels eyewear is strongly connected with the brand and expresses the streetwear style combined with the world of high fashion. The sunglasses are designed in Italy and take inspiration from the American skate community. As you can see, the models are characterized by edgy shapes that give personality and create a unique fitting. The model of the collection called Palm is very surprising: the structure of the frames breaks the linearity of the arm at the temple and it creates an eye-catching, distorted aesthetic. The Palm Angels gothic logo is always on the temple,making every model very recognisable. The model Giorgina, which takes its name from the daughter of Francesco Ragazzi, takes inspiration from iconic models of the past without losing its contemporary personality. Take a look at all the entire collection and find the perfect model for you! In UAE you can find Palm Angels eyewear in our exclusively boutiques and in our website